The Illawarra Forum provides sector planning and consultation for local organisations to work together to identify gaps and strengths, identify opportunities for collaborative practice and facilitate cross-sectoral planning.

There are many online resources available to assist community services to work in partnership. If you would like assistance navigating these resources please email Sarah.

Illawarra Forum’s Presentation on Partnerships

The Council of Social Service of NSW (NCOSS) has a summary of 16 online resources to assist services to explore, assess and implement partnerships.

NCOSS Working Together-Resources List 2015

Below are some highlights

Formalising Partnerships (PDF)
Provides a step by step guide to forming a partnership, including resources, information, checklists and case studies.

Working With Other Organisations (Website)
Justice Connect
Provides not for profit law information. Thinking of forming a partnership, creating an MOU or merging/amalgamating? Find out what your options are and how to make the partnership legal.

Partnerships and Governance (PDF)
Explores issues that may impact on effective governance of formal partnership arrangements between NFP organisations.

Partnership Practice Guides
Council of Social Services Victoria (VCOSS)
Provide information, tools and resources covering the three stages of partnering as well as an overview of governance, partnership models and leadership. 
Guide 1: Preparing to partner (PDF)
Guide 2: Commencing the partnership (PDF)
Guide 3: Sustaining the partnership (PDF)
Guide 4: Partnership governance, models and leadership (PDF)