Consultation and Policy Submissions

The Illawarra Forum facilitates consultation sessions with community services to gain their views on relevant policy changes at a State and Federal level. Consultation sessions are well attended and the Forum provides policy submissions that represent the needs of community services in the Illawarra and Shoalhaven. For the latest submissions see below.

Review of Social and Affordable Housing Rent Models

The NSW Government has asked Independent Pricing And Regulatory Tribunal NSW to undertake an independent review of social and affordable housing rent models. The review is one of the actions under the Government’s social housing strategy, Future Directions for Social Housing in NSW.

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Government’s Response to the Legislative Council’s Inquiry into Vocational Education and Training in NSW

The Illawarra Forum gave evidence at the Inquiry.  This is the Government’s Response to the Inquiry which contains 25 recommendations.

Click here to visit the Legislative Council General Purpose Committee no. 6 under which the Inquiry was conducted

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Inquiry into Domestic Violence and Gender Inequality – March 2016

This issue was referred t the Standing Committee on Finance and Public Administration. The Illawarra Forum made a submission to this inquiry.

Click here to visit the Standing Committee on Finance and Public Administration website for more information.

The Committee is required to report by 24 August 2016. A copy of the report will be loaded onto the Committee’s website.

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Inquiry into the future of Australia’s aged care sector workforce – March 2016

This issue was referred to the Senate Community Affairs References Committee for inquiry and report. The Illawarra Forum made a submission to this inquiry.

Click here to visit the Senate Standing Committees on Community Affairs website for more information.

The Senate Committee’s reporting date is 30 June 2016.

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Residential Tenancies Act 2010 Review – January 2016

The NSW Government is reviewing the Residential Tenancies Act 2010 (the Act). The Act establishes a comprehensive set of rights and obligations for:

  • landlords
  • tenants
  • social housing providers
  • real estate agents who act for landlords

The NSW Government released a discussion paper ‘Discussion Paper: Statutory Review of the Residential Tenancies Act 2010’

Click here to visit the NSW Fair Trading website for information on the Residential Tenancies Act Review.

Download Discussion Paper Response

Willing to Work: National Inquiry into Employment Discrimination – December 2015

The Attorney-General has requested that the Australian Human Right Commission undertake a National Inquiry into Employment Discrimination against older Australians and Australians with a disability. The Inquiry will be conducted by the Age and Discrimination Commissioner.

The Human Rights Commission released two issues papers; ‘Employment Discrimination against older Australians’ and ‘Employment Discrimination against Australians with a disability.’

Click here to visit the Human Right website for more information.

Download Response to discrimination against Australians with a disability

Download Response to discrimination against older Australians

Ageing and Aged Care – October 2015

In the 2015-16 Budget, the Australian Government announced significant changes to improve the way home care services are delivered to older people and to reduce regulation and red tape for providers. The changes will build on the current consumer directed care approach in home care and will be introduced in two stages.

From February 2017, funding for a home care package will follow the consumer, allowing eligible consumers to choose their approved provider, as well as more flexibility to change their provider if they wish. Once the changes come into effect, providers will no longer have to apply for home care places through the Aged Care Approvals Round in order to deliver home care, significantly reducing red tape for businesses.

From July 2018, the Government intends to integrate the Home Care Packages Programme and the Commonwealth Home Support Programme into a single care at home programme to further simplify the way that services are delivered and funded

Release of Discussion Paper – Increasing Choices in Home Care – Stage 1 October 2015

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Targeted Earlier Intervention Programs; Sector Consultation Paper October 2015

This Consultation Paper invited input and comment from NGO’s on the direction of Family and Community Services (FACS) targeted earlier intervention programs. Nine programs are included in this reform process. FACS is in the early stages of this reform process and is establishing parameters and reviewing the evidence base. The next phase will be undertaken at a program level via an overarching Sector Reference Group and locally through district consultations.

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Service coordination in communities with high social needs (Inquiry) – August 2015

This inquiry is a NSW Legislative Council inquiry conducted by the Social Issues Committee was established on 25 June 2015 to inquire into and report on service coordination in communities with high social needs.

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Review of Commonwealth Aged Care Advocacy Services – Options Papers July 2015

The Options Paper has been developed as part of the review of  Commonwealth aged care advocacy services. The aim of the Review is to inform the future service delivery model for an end-to-end individual advocacy programme that can best support consumers.

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Commonwealth Home Support Program April 2015

The Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) will commenced on 1 July 2015 and is helping older people stay independent and in their homes and communities for longer.

The Department of Social Services sought feedback on 3 aspects of the program; Manual for Community Providers, National Fee Policy Consultation Paper, Good Practice Guide for Restorative Care Approaches. Click on the buttons below for the Illawarra Forum’s response.

Download Manual for Providers Response Download National Fee Policy Response Download Good Practice Guide for Restorative Care Approaches Response

DSS Grants March 2015

Submission to Senate Standing Committees on Community Affairs Inquiry into impact on service quality, efficiency and sustainability of recent Commonwealth community service tendering process by the Department of Social Services. 
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Social Housing in NSW: A discussion paper for input and comment February 2015

This discussion paper proposed 3 pillars required for social housing; Pillar 1 – A social housing system that provides opportunity and pathways for client independence, Pillar 2 – A social housing system that is fair, Pillar 3 – A housing system that is sustainable.

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A New System for Better Employment and Social Outcomes Interim Report August 2014

This report proposed four pillars of reform for the income support and employment systems:

  • Simpler and sustainable income support system
  • Strengthening individual and family capability
  • Engaging with employers
  • Building community capacity
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