Strategic Plan


Illawarra Forum Strategic Plan 2013 – 2018

The Illawarra Forum Strategic Plan sets out our priorities, activities, and direction until 2018.

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To be the Voice, the Influence and the Leader supporting the community services sector and our communities.



  • support community organisations
  • promote expertise and innovation in community development
  • foster industry development and
  • advocate for social justice


The Illawarra Forum strives to create a co-operative work environment wherein the skills and knowledge of all staff, committee and members are equally respected and utilised to contribute to the joint aims of the organisation.

  1.  To pursue social justice in the Illawarra region and develop programs / strategies for promoting equitable access to services and participation by disadvantaged groups.
  2. To strengthen the capacity of community service organisations to meet their goals
  3. To encourage co-operation and co-ordination between community service organisations.
  4. To provide relevant information services to members.
  5. To conduct research, promote good practice models and develop innovative models of community management and community service.
  6. To advocate on behalf of the community services sector and their service users and represent members.
  7. To effectively administer and manage the Illawarra Forum to enhance its ability to meet its goals.


The Forum values:

  • co-operation
  • community participation
  • social justice
  • people’s right to equality of opportunity
  • community development
  • community management
  • self determination of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community
  • development of innovative and alternative approaches and ideas