NSW Election 2015

The Illawarra Forum has sent the local candidates for the NSW Election a copy of our recent issues paper, in order to make them aware of the key issues affecting our members and the communities they serve.

In addition, we have asked them to respond to the following four questions:

  1. What is your position on the value of local place-based community services organisations?
  2. How will you work to ensure more social and affordable housing in your electorate?
  3. How will you work to build long term job opportunities for the region?
  4. Will you push for greater access to affordable transport in your electorate?

Candidate responses will be updates as they are received.

Click here to download candidate responses
Click here to download the Issues Paper

“…………many projects in the region are in danger of ending due to funding uncertainty. These projects deliver vital services to the region’s most disadvantaged communities. It is important that community service projects are not viewed as cost centres or a drain on the public purse.

These projects are essential services delivered through contracts with government to the region’s most vulnerable people. The profit they deliver is in human terms, and as a rule, community organisations are able to deliver significant results for the funding they receive.”

Excerpt from the issues paper


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