Innovation Sandpit

The first Community Services Innovation Sandpit, held at I-Accelerate certainly stirred the creative juices of service providers, manufacturers, and innovators as they came together to solve some of the wicked problems facing community service organisations and the people they work with.

Illawarra Forum, as a member of ACIWAG (Aged Care Illawarra Workforce Action Group),  hosted the event which showcased some of the best innovations happening within the community services industry in our region, and brought together some unlikely partners to apply creative ‘out of the box’ thinking to some perplexing challenges.

Some of the creative ‘blue sky’ ideas which emerged included:

  • A guaranteed response app which would ensure people receive support within the critical first 24 hours following a suicide attempt
  • Personal air bags to minimise injury from falls for older people
  • An ‘Uber’ app to maximise transport options for people with disability and to optimise the use of accessible buses, cars and other facilities across a number of providers

Click here to see a video snapshot of the day and hear from some participants.



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