Enablement kit

The Enablement kit is designed to assist organisations to fully implement the enablement approach into every day service delivery.

It offers clients more holistic, person centred and goal focused supports that aim to regain or maintain health and skills. It also offers ways to work with clients to identify types of support they need to lead independent, happy and fulfilling lives.

This innovative set of resources includes:

  • A video brochure to help inform clients and carers about enablement and the person-centred approach
  • An image rich booklet featuring stories and images from local service providers and clients which demonstrates enablement in action
  • Z cards targeted at practitioners to reinforce enablement principles and provide examples of good practice
  • Reflection Cards. These cards can be used in a variety of ways by practitioners and supervisors to support supervision and encourage reflective practice in organisations
  • Thankyou cards which supervisors and team leaders can give to staff to reinforce positive work practices
  • Post-it notes featuring images and statements which reinforce the enablement message

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For information on prices and how to order an Enablement kit please contact Jane on jane@illawarraforum.org.au or Ph: 02 4256 4333

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