Diversity and Inclusion – Southern Dementia Network

A one day symposium focusing on embracing diversity and enhancing inclusion in dementia and aged care across acute, community and residential settings.

Speaker presentations:

  • Carers as partners in care – Top 5 Program – Anne Axam  Click here
  • Driving and Dementia – Prof. Ian Cameron  Click here
  • Genetic screening: A risky approach? Prof. Peter Schofield Click here
  • Recognising an abused older person in the clinical setting – Prof. Sue Kurrle (Graphic content advisory) Click here
  • Emerging issues in Dementia care and research – Prof. Sue Kurrle Click here
  • Dementia, decisions and the capacity to make them: A case study – Nick O’Neill Click here
  • The Key Worker journey so far – Sandra Kay Click here
  • Mobile Respite Team – Nola Hergenham and Jane Madden Click here
  • A walk down memory lane – Sheridan Leftwich  Click here
  • Aboriginal Dementia Care – Maria Poulopoulos and Lynn Dickson Click here  Video trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CCt_Yds_AbI
  • Magic, a place to belong – Yvi Henderson Click here
  • Safe and high quality care for patients with cognitive impairment – Anne Cumming Click here



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